Small Business Formation:

Trying to decide what form of business entity is most appropriate for your personal and business situation?

I can assist you in helping to determine which form of legal structure (LLC or S-Corp) that is the most appropriate for your needs. I then assist in the process of filing and forming your business.

Tax Preparation:

I will assist you in the annual preparation of your Federal and State Tax returns in a timely and personalized manner. 

Over the course of my career I have worked on a range of returns and complexity.  Using state-of-the-art tax software combined with my years of practice, I will strive to optimize the appropriate tax deductions relevant to your situation.

My tax preparation fee is based on the complexity of your tax return.  There is a general base return rate for all clients which is then adjusted if the complexity is greater than a standard level of tax preparation.  For new clients, should the return require addressing a significant amount of additional forms and issues, you will be notified in advance and given an estimated rate prior to any work being done.



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JEM Financial Group LLC


My expertise is working with small business owners who want a highly knowledgeable, service oriented accountant to manage their books, cash flow and taxes.

I am also work the payroll service Paychex® a top payroll & Human Resources specialist should you need the establishment of a worry free payroll system.

Over the course of my career I have analyzed almost every industry, allowing me a more than general understanding of the relevant businesses considerations affecting your business.

I generally work on a monthly fee structure which may or may not include your quarterly filings and annual tax return.  Quickbooks user. Record keeping, bank and credit card reconciliations, Sales & Use Tax & Payroll filings are just a few of the items I can help you with. 

Flight Attendant & Other DOT Tax Returns:

I have extensive experience working with flight attendants in the preparation of their tax returns. Few tax preparers understand the additional tax deductions and issues related to your profession.

Further, being married to a flight attendant, I also understand the challenges of your flight schedules and ability to gather your information.  Many of my airline clients work with me exclusively through email, text, phone calls & Federal Express deliveries. 

My aim is to offer you the personal time and attention you need but also fits with your variable work schedule. 

My fees are fixed and reasonable.  (If you also have a small business and/or other significant issues, I will notify you in advance if there are additional fees necessary to compensate for the complexity.)